Keep Skunks Away

Skunks may be problematic mostly due to the horrible odor. For some, it is so bad it’s nauseating. If you own a skunk in and round you yard, you will want to eliminate it.

Like many pest problems, you need to start figuring out what attracted the skunk to your yard in the first place. There are many things that you can do to prevent this fascination and maintain the skunks away. Here are the most effective ways to maintain skunks from coming about your property.

1. These may be an attractive food source for skunks and other pests should youn’t. Skunk, Mammal, Brown White, Animal, Zoo

2. Do away with your leaf piles. There are insects in these that skunks will come to your yard to eat.

3. Make sure that there’s a lid and seal on these. Skunks and other pests find food in your garbage, so do what you can to keep them out.

4. Avoid leaving pet food out that may be retrieved by skunks or other animals.

5. Protect your compost bins from being tampered with. Keeping lids on those or at least a few inches of cover will probably function best to maintain the skunks out.

6. Usage A flood light. Motion sensor products are among the better methods for eliminating a skunk in the lawn and a flood light is extremely powerful. Skunks don’t like being vulnerable in the light. This may dissuade them off to some other area that is darker.

7. Use a Sprinkler as another motion sensor apparatus. This may ship a gentle burst of water which will frighten the skunk. After awhile the skunk should get the message.

8. Make Sure to reapply them especially Additionally, There Are skunk repellents that you can purchase. This will intimidate skunks and help keep them off.

9. Call Waco Animal Removal to trap and humanely relocate pesky skunks for you.


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