Tips for Successful Property Management

“Pain do not hurt” or so says Dalton from the film Road House. I loved that film and I really like that quote.

I had the most remarkable experience this past year in the Denver and Minnesota Success Summits. For people that I had been fortunate enough to present to, you understand that over time I’ve focused my energy on teaching skills, techniques, and approaches that will help you get rich in real estate. I gave my first presentation to a live crowd in 2006, and have since taught thousands of investors how to earn money. I’ve written countless articles, reports, and a publication. I enjoy getting notes from the mail, emails, or people approaching me telling me how I helped alter their Pigeon Control for Fort Lauderdale Fl life. Someone said that my novel helped them create an extra $50,000 last year alone. You can probably tell I have a passion and am driven to help people reach their objectives, and now I know that I was missing an essential piece to this assignment. Most people today need more than skills, strategies and techniques. What most people want is your understanding of what it really takes to succeed.

I attempted to breakdown the fear that prevents us from taking action and attempted to give techniques about the best way best to proceed past the fear. I had a whole lot of fun with the demonstration, but in addition, it pulled plenty of emotion from me and the crowd. Numerous people told me I touched them, and it was the specific presentation they had to hear as the attempt to jump start their investing. I think one reason I had several people approach me in tears is because they know they haven’t been taking action, to prevent pain, and all that’s generated in their lifetime is more pain. That’s a tough thing for somebody to realize. My guess is people left that demonstration being hard on themselves. That’s not the point. The past is the past, and serves only as a teacher for the greatness that’s about to come.

If you attended the demonstration, you learned that our choices are based on one of two driving forces. We spoke about pain being a more powerful drive, and can easily dominate our decision making. The notion of having pain, even if it isn’t physical, is frightful; that is where the fear that stops us stems.

When you look back through the years, you will see that all successful people had to suffer pain prior to the triumph, and that people experiences what might be considered considerable amounts of pain. Nobody is immune to this actuality. What makes successful people successful is that they can embrace it and learn from it. I also feel that once you begin to embrace emotional pain, and can reflect on it, you’ll have no option but to grow and become more and more successful. Things that frighten most people, like being ashamed, or being rejected, are things which make us stronger, smarter, and better equipped to be successful.

As we proceed through the year I shall write more articles on the topic of breaking through dread in hopes that more of you will begin to execute the real estate skills, strategies and techniques that we teach. For now, I would like you to comprehend why you make the choices you make. I would like you to see that the fear is based on your effort to prevent pain, so that you can peel back the fear and concentrate on what the real outcomes of your decision. In actuality, it’s essential. Focusing on the pleasure you’ll receive from doing the things you’re afraid of can help move you forward. And you don’t know, if you attempt something… it just might work.

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