Take a vacation!

Did you take a holiday this season or skip it due to high gas prices? If you passed a holiday so far and wish to be happier and healthier, now’s the time to take a holiday!

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According to a Expedia.com poll a third of Americans don’t take all their vacation days. The Bureau of Labor Statics claims that one quarter of Americans get no paid vacation! This was a surprise for me although as a company owner in a solo practice that I get no paid vacation.

The article sites two distinct Raccoon Removal Cost health studies (one with females and the other men) that demonstrated a high proportion of coronary problems happen for people who don’t vacation regularly.

A vacation provides you time to unwind. It permits you to de-stress and unwind. I’ve always been amazed that the feeling of relaxed holiday calmness lasts for a couple of days once I return.

By the way for people who carry cell phones and Blackberries to check on work back in the office on their holiday, there have been studies to show that you’re not as likely to get the benefits of holiday based on this NY Times article.

Therefore, if you did not take your holiday yet, now’s the time to do it. (It can be tough to unhook from the mobile phone/Blackberry addiction! But worth it)

In case you’ve got young kids, vacations together can be exhausting. That’s not the type of holiday that relaxes! Young families will need to take two holidays, one with all the family and one for the parents.

I went to Disney World with the entire family so that they could have time with one another and I could watch the kids. If you have this choice, you receive a break and please your parents also.

I like holidays where I do something that I do not get enough of during the year. For me that’s singing.

Whether you want adventurous holidays, learning vacations, traveling vacations or just sitting by the pool holidays, it’s important to modify your environment a couple of times a year and have some fun. (What’s all that work) Where you go or what you do is not as important as simply enjoying yourself and letting go for a little. When you haven’t scheduled your holiday yet, do it now.

Take Action

1. Vacations do not have to be exotic. How many people have gone overseas but never seen the interesting places tourists from different countries visit near our house.

2. Begin to consider ways to cut back on assessing even when you aren’t on vacation. It wastes time anyhow. Create a list of things you can do to eliminate plenty of email when you’re on holiday and execute your ideas before holiday.

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